Message from the Executive Director

At Sainte-Anne, innovation is at the core of our educational vision at all three levels of instruction.

Our goal: to prepare our students as best as possible for the world that awaits them!

Ugo Cavenaghi - Executive Director

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Discover our History

Photo : Centre historique des Soeurs de Sainte-Anne « La Fondatrice » devant le manoir Simpson à Lachine. Photographie prise en 1887, avant la démolition du Manoir et de la « chapelle de brique » afin de construire le Sanctuaire de Sainte-Anne.
Villa Anna
The Sisters of Sainte-Anne begin their educational mission in the former Simpson Manor now called Villa Anna.
Sainte-Anne Boarding School
The school is renamed Pensionnat Sainte-Anne eight years before Esther Blondin passes on. By this time, Sainte-Anne’s reputation is already spreading far and wide
Affiliation with Université Laval
The school takes a major step forward, affiliating itself with Université Laval to obtain recognition of the diploma earned by graduates of the arts and science program.
Collège Sainte-Anne
In 1960, the school becomes Collège Sainte-Anne, and it is declared an institution of “public interest” in 1969. By this time, there are 315 students, some of whom board at the school.
A Committee and an Educational Project
The winds of change are blowing at the school: policy is now set by committee and an educational project is drawn up. In addition, a sports centre is built for a more comprehensive education experience.
Six years later, with 900 girls studying at Sainte-Anne, Esther Blondin’s dream is finally realized: the school becomes coeducational!
Fondation Villa Anna
To ensure the ongoing pursuit of its academic mission in accordance with its educational plan, Collège Sainte-Anne establishes the Fondation Villa Anna, a non-profit organization.
The last of the Sisters leave
As the 20th century draws to a close, Sainte-Anne witnesses an historic event: the torch is passed to a lay director and the last of the Sisters teaching at the school retire.
2000 to 2013
Exclusive Programs
Nine exclusive programs are established, including eight areas of concentration, so that every student can follow an educational path focussed on his or her passion.
2000 to 2013
Further Innovations
The school embraces computer technology on a wide scale; an international network of partner schools is established; an activity centre is opened; an environmental policy is drafted; eLearning is implemented, and more.
The Former Convent
The Sisters’ former convent is purchased to house a Cegep, and celebrations are organized to mark Sainte-Anne’s 150th anniversary.
150th Anniversary of Collège Sainte-Anne
The school year is marked by celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Collège Sainte-Anne, which include a class reunion, an international conference and a founder’s evening. Filmmaker Daniel Bertolino also produces a film on the history of the Collège entitled Le grand héritage.
The Cegep’s First Graduating Class
In the spring of 2013, the Collégial honours its first graduating class. To the school’s credit, all of the graduates are accepted into the university programs of their choice, some of which have extremely limited enrolment!
Merger with Queen of Angels
The Corporation du Collège Sainte-Anne merges with Queen of Angels Academy to open a coeducational bilingual kindergarten and primary school at the latter’s facilities.
Primary School Opens
On August 26, 2015, Sainte-Anne Academy welcomes its first students, who will be the first class to study at Sainte-Anne from kindergarten right through Cegep!

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Students attending one of Sainte-Anne’s family of schools: primary, secondary and Cegep.



Backed by an outstanding administrative team, our teachers support students to ensure that they succeed.



Sainte-Anne is also an international network of partner schools encouraging student exchanges.

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Sainte-Anne in the Community


Running for a Cause

Many interested students, staff and parents from the Collège participate in the Défi-Jeunesse 1-km run in support of Sainte-Justine Hospital.

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Borough of Lachine

Collège Sainte-Anne makes its sports complex available to residents of Lachine from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day and on weekends.

Camp Sainte-Anne

Every summer, Collège Sainte-Anne is proud to invite children aged 5 to 14 to its bilingual camp for a fun and educational experience. Camp Sainte-Anne is known for its highly specialized programs led by experts in their field and its outstanding facilities.

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