Message from the Executive Director

Our goal: to prepare our students as best as possible for the world that awaits them!

The world is changing, and this includes the job market since technological advances are constantly transforming it. Many of today’s jobs are at risk, and many of those that our students will perform do not exist yet! In order for them to carve out a place in this ever-changing world, Sainte-Anne has developed its Next Generation Learning model, which places students at the heart of the learning process and leads them to discover their talents and reach their full potential, for example by encouraging them to use their creativity, a key skill of the future. This is why Sainte-Anne has partnered with Factry, the school of creativity sciences!

Since their world will be borderless, our students are also prepared to be global citizens in many ways, such as through multiculturalism on a daily basis, bilingual elementary education; discovering the world through our network of partner schools on all continents at the high school level, and the final year project in the country of their choice at the end of cegep.

We also strive to make school an exciting place through varied educational approaches in every subject, 10 exclusive high school programs, a high-tech environment, makerspace, biblioTEC, a fitness room, and a stimulating school and student life, among other things.

Our students are all part of one big family: the Sainte-Anne family. We stimulate them, support them, guide them constantly towards success and give them the necessary tools to develop an inventive and cooperative spirit, leadership skills, global awareness and a concern for sustainable development.

Using an approach that blends innovation, diligence and creativity, Sainte-Anne supports its students so that they can build the future of their dreams.

Ugo Cavenaghi