Message from the Executive Director

Our goal is to give students the best possible preparation for the world of tomorrow.

We achieve this by providing a multi-facetted international experience. For example, multiculturalism permeates the daily routine of students at the Academy, who all receive bilingual instruction and take introductory Spanish. Secondary school students learn about the wider world through our network of partner schools on every continent, while those attending our Cegep learn side by side with international students and complete an end-of-studies internship in the country of their choice.

We do everything in our power to make the school experience as motivating as possible by offering varied educational approaches in every subject, a unique choice of nine exclusive high school programs, and a stimulating school and student life. eLearning is also an important part of the program at Sainte-Anne, where our digital educational environment features specially equipped classrooms, laptops or tablets in class, a modern library and a high‑tech fitness room.

All the young people who study at our institution are part of one big family: the Sainte-Anne family! And because they are important to us, we constantly stimulate, support and guide them on the path to success. We provide them with the tools they need to become global citizens, open-minded creative leaders prepared to work with others and committed to equitable and sustainable development. In addition, Collège Sainte-Anne is the first Canadian secondary school to be certified ISO 14001. Collégial international Saint-Anne holds the same certification, and our new Academy will no doubt qualify in the near future.

Using an approach that blends innovation, diligence and creativity, Sainte-Anne supports its students so that they can build the future of their dreams.

Ugo Cavenaghi